The twins have been featured on CBS in the nationally broadcast show God Friended Me, E! TV in the nationally broadcast show The Royals, Riot Games League Of Legends, BBC Radio 1 United Kingdom, KCRW Los Angeles, and Brazilian television show RED among many other networks.


"Twins, Benjamin and Alexander Moore, make-up the dynamic duo that is Oliver Riot. Though being fairly new, they have already accomplished so much. From winning the Grammy's annual "Rock the Mic Competition" to more recently having their song "Hallucinate" make it's way on to many playlists and even television; Oliver Riot are a forced to reckoned with. Now, they are prepping for the release of their new EP Neurosis by sharing the first single, "Neurosis".

"Neurosis" produced by frequent collaborator Real Miilk is a piano heavy, soft percussion cut that truly highlights Oliver Riot's soulful vocals. Their voices of the third prominent instrument heard. "Neurosis" will give you James Blake and Dave Bayley vibes. In discussing their new single, Oliver Riot said,

"'Neurosis' is the first track off of our upcoming EP! We recorded the song in the back of a rickety old Korean church in CA while living there illegally. The song is about regret, wincing away bad decisions, neurotically obsessing over awkward events, and the inability to stop replaying images of fleeting mistakes that can no longer be undone."

Catch Oliver Riot in Los Angeles tonight performing at Resident. If you're not in L.A., you'll just have to wait like the rest of us for their new EP Neurosis to drop to hear more from the duo." - Earmilk Magazine

Black book magazine

"LA duo Oliver Riot (which sounds like a character out of post-Apocalyptic literature) appear more likely that you’d discover them playing the back room of a Zurich art gallery than making the circuit in Los Angeles. But the identical twins – Benjamin and Alexander Moore – are a striking presence wherever you may happen to come across them.Their new four-song EP, the tellingly named Neurosis, is an alluring mix of the Mediterranean cafe jazz of Style Council and the opulent neo-soul of Hurts…the music of too many late-night cigarettes on balmy piazzas. The lyrical restlessness and disquietude – “Still sleeping with the light on / I’m going insane” – only heightens the aura of sensual tension.“Neurosis is a concept EP about our obsessions,” reveals Benjamin. “We both have ‘Pure O’ obsessive-compulsive disorder and have felt tormented our whole lives by thoughts, images and fears that we continually try to black out of our minds – only to have them become stronger. ”Adds Alexander, “We both thought we were crazy our whole lives, pre-diagnosis, and that we were monsters who were embarrassed to be ourselves. Hoping that this EP helps other people feel less alone.”Indeed, neuroses crave company. And, in some cases, an appropriately cathartic soundtrack, as well." - Black Book Magazine


"Oliver Riot, a new folk-pop duo from Los Angeles, is a classic example of an act that deserves to be big but is not yet. The brothers, Benjamin and Alexander Moore, dropped their debut EP, Hallucinate, just over one month ago, and, somehow, it's gone as underappreciated as can be. Fortunately, good music always rises to the top, and with the outstanding tracks like "Ivory Black" and "We Popped The Moon", we know there's an audience for this act that's about to come out." - Hilly Dilly

Indie band Guru

"Duos are in a category of their own. They create their own special harmonies and have a sort of energy that singular artists can’t replicate. Plus what’s better than one spectacular voice? Two, of course. This is just the case with LA-based duo Oliver Riot. This talented duo is not only comprised of identical twins, but also vocal powerhouses who debut their talents in latest single “Harder” which debuted January 10.

Oliver Riot’s track “Harder” gives us something new and soulful. They use their innovative, experimental R&B to give us something exciting while singing to us in a very relaxed and emotive way.

Their single off upcoming EP Neurosis showcases these talented twins in the best way. This brilliant duo combines their amazing vocal ranges as well as their impeccable ability to take their listeners on a journey inside of their heads.

Oliver Riot Sings With Honesty

While this single doesn’t have lengthy lyrics it still creates this very honest and open atmosphere. Oliver Riot uses their haunting harmonies and almost-nostalgic ambiance to explain it all to us.

They also use their words. When they sing lyrics like “Go ahead and pull me down / Harder / Just go ahead and pull me down /Harder / Someone let me go” and “Said you’d leave the light on  / Find some sleep / Slipping slow motion /Out of me / Hiding in the Water /Out at sea / Sipping on potions / Remedies” Oliver Riot effectively brings us into this weirdly honest conversation about love and falling.


In addition to that this song just has such a solid mood to it. They add slow beats and soft instruments that add to the overall R&B tone of it all. They use these different bits to bring us into their headspace, and they do a fantastic job of it. Then on top of that behind the vocals and beats there’s this ongoing discussion on the question of true love, the feelings it brings about, and how after all is said and done it can be messed up. In all it basically brings us to a heart-to-heart about love with Oliver Riot.

In the end “Harder” has some really good elements, and a unique sound. It gives us this wonderful perspective between perfect harmonies and steady beats. The members of Oliver Riot create something pure and original all while giving us an amazing vocal performance that can’t be matched.
Their highly anticipated Neurosis EP is out Feb 22." - Indie Band Guru

Magnetic Magazine


The brother duo are gearing up for an EP release.

Oliver Riot are twin brothers that are blowing up the music scene for a while now, ever since they moved out to LA from New Mexico and won the Grammy’s annual “Rock The Mic Competition." They've been gearing up for a massive EP release, and we sat down with them to learn more.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! We heard that you're identical twins. How did you guys get interested in music, and what prompted you guys to start working together?

Well, we got interested in music and started learning under a gypsy jazz guy. We started playing Django Reinhardt style stuff and it went from there!

We've been listening to your music and reading up about you guys. The comparisons to James Blake get thrown out there a lot. Do you take him to be a huge influence on your work? If not, who do you guys cite as your influence?

James blake is great. His song "Retrograde" definitely became a regular spin for us. Not one of our biggest influences, but definitely someone we really admire.

2016 has been a pretty big year for everything you guys do. Your music has been gaining the attention from TV shows and blog culture pretty fast, and it seems like you've upped the amount of shows you've been doing as well! What have been some of your most memorable moments so far?

Probably that haha getting the E TV show was pretty crazy

What would you suggest for aspiring musicians/ If you could go back in time and give yourselves any advice, what would it be?

Hmmm we feel like were both always learning, and like it never ends. So probably to keep trying to love the process of learning as you will always be learning and never feel "finished" or "concluded" in the artwork process.

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2017?

Our EP Neurosis started releasing tracks in 2016 but will finish releasing more songs in 2017. We're really excited about that." - Magnetic Magazine

The Wild magazine

Premiere: Soften Up With
Oliver Riot’s ‘Harder’

"If that January gloom is already kicking in, Oliver Riot have come to the rescue with a new track that’s as cozy and minimalist as your apartment once you get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy. On “Harder,” the LA-based twin brothers reveal a gentle, entrancing sound that will appeal to fans of James Blake, How To Dress Well, and fellow sibling duo inc. no world.

“This song is about a good friend of ours who tried to take his life last year,” Oliver Riot tell us via email. “[It was] written as we would go visit him in the psych ward. We recorded it in the back of an old Korean church in California while we lived there illegally.”

Alternatingly punctuated by swelling strings and a bluesy guitar riff, there’s an evident reverence to “Harder.” The track is a taste of their upcoming Neurosis EP, following their debut Hallucinate." - The Wild Magazine


"Los Angeles, CA – Electronic duo Oliver Riot will be releasing their second EP Neurosis on February 22. A couple weeks ago, they shared their new single “Harder”, a gorgeous electronic track that is as delicate as a feather. With light guitar riffs, soft piano measures, and dreamy vocals, “Harder” is one of those gentle yet intricate tracks that puts you in a daze of your own thoughts. I love the way that there’s this underlying conversation sample throughout the entire song and you catch phrases here and there." - Hypem

Indie Trendsetters

"Benjamin Moore and Alexander Moore are twins who, with some supporting staff make up Oliver Riot. These two started playing music publicly at the tender age of 14 and started writing music when they could barely drive. Now, like the kid I’m reading about who achieved nuclear fusion using his own DIY reactor in his teens, these two are creating fully-fleshed, prodigious, avante-garde alternative music.

With a stunning flow, lazy-river guitar solo, unimposing vocals and chirping birds in the background, “Ivory Black” is a sunny umbrella with a enigmatic juxtaposition for a title. In a unique twist, [spoiler alert] it comes with a surprise instrumental ending with just a few more seconds of the groove you had just sunk into for three and some minutes.

The rest of their “Hallucinate EP” is equally as ethereal. No two songs feel the same, and yet, each one is tremendously captivating and wholly magical. Oliver Riot is a dazzling point of unnoticed incandescence, an ineffable aurora devoid of deserving admirers, a true work of underground art that makes mainstream music look like superficial sham." - Indie Trendsetters Magazine

Palmtrees & Baybreeze Magazine

"Even though a friend of mine is in this band, this isn’t exactly a shameless plug because Oliver Riot legitimately kicks ass. They released their first EP, Hallucinate, in late 2015. Now, they’re back with their Neurosis EP and it’s even more hypnotizing and bizarre than its predecessor.

Oliver Riot fuses their background in gypsy-folk (which I have no frame of reference for) with the musical landscapes of James Blake and James Vincent McMorrow. Not to mention lyrics that are so deeply introspective and masochistic that they're reminiscent of Kurt Cobain and Thom Yorke. I got to see them play live at last year’s Make Music Pasadena (a free local music festival) and, while I knew they were good, their set left me speechless. These guys are one Coachella performance away from being L.A.’s "next big thing." I’m so excited for new music from Oliver Riot and can’t wait for more!" - Palmtrees & Baybreeze Magazine

city of tenants


don’t know oliver riot?
know this:
from new mexico
pretty damn brilliant
future folk/rock champions.
with a sound
that pierces straight through the eardrum
to the pulse of your soul
these riot boys
are one of the best kept secrets
in the indie world.
trust them.
get to know them.

press play. ivory black by oliver riot." - City Of Tenants Magazine

blah blah blah science

"Get lost in the sensational Sam Smith-caliber bluesy singer-songwriter rising-star potential of LA-based twin duo Oliver Riot (Ben and Alex Moore) on their very soulful feel-good, melody-driven, stunning guitar-tickled gem “Ivory Black” which is track #2 off of the pair’s debut “Hallucinate” EP. We particularly dig the dreamy-ambient guitar-led acoustic ending and the track’s superbly poetic lyrics." - Blah Blah Science Magazine


"Sometimes, God is especially nice, and lets us be born near the person we are made to make art with. In the case of the Moore brothers (well, twins), God was especially kind. The two grew up playing music together and had several well-deserved victories in Battles of the Bands. I saw them play live a few months ago and was amazed by their musical dexterity and playful unity. And, to bless us all, they released their first EP, Hallucinate late last year.

The musicality on this album speaks to easy comfortability with the difficulty of their songs; every chord and lick feels organic and absolutely a part of the song as a whole. While Oliver Riot is innovative and original, they are playing their music, not striving for impossibly avant-garde nonsense that doesn't feel like their own expression. The songs are calm and catchy (think somewhere between Bon Iver and Hozier). In short, nothing is out of place, and the brilliant balance between the EP's empty spaces and its fullest moments speak volumes about their producer and creative vision.

Lyrics are my lion's den judging ground when it comes to musicians. A lot of young artists throw everything they have at an album (which is good) but don't put in the hours to contain and refine their ideas into units of connected thought (which is unwise). By doing this, the artist throws their own colors and emblems over the entire world, leaving the listener with tinted glasses. I do this in some songs. Everyone who creates does this (on occasion). Having listened to many, many first albums and EPs, I can say with confidence that this does not help the music. It is telling that all of the visual material for Hallucinate is in black and white.

The lyrics on the album are creeping and haunting, leaving the listener with a new idea, one that can sit quietly on the shoulder for hours. Some songs, such as "Alcatraz," are a bit cleverer with the execution of the stealthy clawing into the soul, and others, like "Tired and Awake," dig in with naked honesty. Their lyrics are poetic without overreaching, the feeling of tears and choked up voice, and the feeling of late-night driving through an empty desert in a car with a sleeping passenger. In short, I can't stop listening and don't want to. Get the EP. Follow them on social media, and catch them live. It'll be great." - Hidturner


"Traversing a fine line between folk pop and soulful pop is Oliver Riot, a duo from Los Angeles who describe their own sound as “acid folk”. Oliver Riot recently released a spectacular EP named Hallucinate, off which comes a slinking beauty named Ivory Black. Ivory Black’s slinking vocals bring to mind Glass Animals, but set in a far crisper and blues instilled soundscape with graceful and elegant keys. Their milky songs are ripe for an evening of solitary contemplation and reflection. For another arresting tune off Hallucinate, stream Alcatraz. Or hit up their Soundcloud to stream Hallucinate in full." - Moosiq Magazine

Pause Musicale

"Oliver Riot est un duo. Derrière cet unique nom se cachent deux frères jumeaux : Benjamin et Alexander Moore.Tout droit venus de L.A, les frères Moore ont bien voyagé. Le Pérou et le Mexique ont été leurs premiers pays de résidence. C’est donc avec un Jazz d’inspiration Gyspy qu’ils conquirent leur premier public à seulement 14 ans. Aujourd’hui à 21 ans, les Oliver Riot sont produits par le célèbre Mike Clink (Metallica, Guns n Roses, Eddie Money). Avec un premier EP lyrique et mélodieux, Oliver Riot se situe quelque part à mi-chemin entre Passenger, James Blake ou encore un certain James Vincent McMorrow. Cette voix aigüe qui se fond parfaitement aux différents rythmes des cordes (ici harpe, violon ou guitare sèche)…on en oublierait quasiment les paroles.

Entre pop-folk et gospel, cet EP a quelque chose de sacré. La voix nous emporte vers un nouveau genre. Hallucinate est doux, rythmé et on s’y laisse transporter…" - Pause Musicale Magazine


"APU’s 2014 Battle of the Bands competition ended with a bang, as fireworks erupted over Trinity Lawn after the winning band Oliver Riot’s last performance.

The group ended the competition with a high-energy set of three songs, including a cover of Vanilla Ice’s 1989 classic, “Ice, Ice Baby.”

“Every time you guys perform … it’s an event that people will want to go see and will be talking about the next day,” noted one judge, Cory Witt, a freelance guitarist in the L.A. area, in his critique of the band’s performance." - AP Clause


"Today very much feels like a lazy Thursday, and “Ivory Black” from LA’s Oliver Riot is fitting into the day perfectly. Taken from brothers Benjamin and Alexander Moore’s debut EP, Hallucinate, “Ivory Black” will have you drifting with the ebb and flow of smooth piano riffs, relaxed percussion, gentle guitar, and chill vocals." - Rain City Sounds